Monday, November 21, 2011

Maharaja Lawak Mega

Maharaja Lawak Mega is on air now after 4 weeks am now writing in my own blog, hahaha... do vote for!/Boboi2796 there's a lot of merchandise from Boboi, such as t-shirt (with different kind of design) don't too worry the quality of the T-shirt is good and satisfaction guarantee! Besides t-shirt, Boboi will also sell their limited edition cap (hiphop style, comes with various colors) - this coming soon! 

 BOBOI booth will open every Friday at Maharaja Lawak Mega, Shah Alam at 8.30pm. If u missed to buy BOBOI tshirt, u may go to this website!/Boboi2796 

 The crowd on the first day!
 Dont forget to vote for BOBOI!ala tome-tomey!
Afdlin Shauki & Harun Salim Bachik  (last week task)
- BOBOI- Ala tomey-tomey 
Photo courtesy by@cat shaker

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